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  • 2017 Frieling Racing Software Downloads Available

    All the new 2017 software downloads are available for dealers.  You can access these under Partner Access, than All Downloads.  These expire on 6/30/2017 where you will need to update again.  Same every year.  Expires on Dec 31 and June 1....

  • BMW F-Series ECU Flashing via OBDII Released

    Frieling Racing has just released the ability to flash all F-Series MEVD17 ECUs via the OBDII port.  You no longer have to patch or boot mode the ECU first.  To flash the ECU, you just need to make the tune of an original file.  Most......

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The iFlash client interface provides the tools to allow reading and writing of a vehicles Electronic Control Unit via the OBDII port.

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ECU Bench Flashing

The Frieling Racing iBoot, is a sophisticated bench flash tool that allows you to program ECU’s out of the car in boot mode.

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Transmission Tuning

The iFlash supports transmission tuning of some dual clutch vehicles through the OBDII port to enhance the shifting performance.

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The iFlash Process

The Freiling Racing iFlash tool is very easy to use for your end user customers.  The OBDII process takes a fraction of the time of other tools to do the read and write process.  No internet connection is required and you dont need to have separate software to transfer files back and forth.  The iFlash tool is one of the ONLY end user cables at it’s price point that covers as many applications as it does.

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Our Connections

The iFlash and the iBoot software make ECU performance mapping easy for shops and end users.  The iFlash is the leading reading and writing OBDII tool on the market.  For shops wanting to developer their tuning business, Frieling Racing is the perfect choice to create your program.  Below are some images of popular cars we work with.  Click any to view our protocol list.


In South America we have many cars that America does not have. The FRC helps us support these different vehicles for flashing which makes our customers happy.

Anonymous Performance Centre

The FRC iFlash is perfect for our supercharger kits. It allows us to ship our customers a cable to easily send the tuning software needed.

Anonymous BMW Shop

Our customers new and used are very loyal. So now we offer tuning to older BMW cars. This is the perfect platform for our customers!

Anonymous BMW Dealer

I am from the UK and being able to flash the Lotus cars is a huge advantage that not many others are doing.

Anonymous Lotus Tuner

The end user cables are perfect for our mail order business and being able to ship to the customers.

Anonymous Online Retailer

Frieling Racing tools helped take our business from selling just 10 flashes a month to over 50.

Anonymous Someone in the Porsche Business

Our cables can be used on many different vehicle platforms. No need to stock extra components for different cars.


We provide you with the checks and balances to ensure your customers have an easy to use experience.


Our system can be easily integrated into your business needs with a customer look and feel for your branding.


Your tuning is your intellectual property! We have encryption tools to prevent others from stealing your files.


The iFlash Crypt does the checksums for you. If you make a mistake, your customer won't be in a bind.


Whether you buy 1 cable or 100, our devices are far cheaper than the competition allowing you to make money.


Thousands of Cables Sold


Hundreds of Protocols Available


Vehicle Makes Covered


Vehicle Models Tunable