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Canam ECU Flash Cable 16pin to 6pin Adapter
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Frieling Racing Canam BRP ME17 Protocol
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The Frieling Racing UTV and SXS tuning system for professionals is the most advanced system available.  The only system of its kind allows you to flash via the diagnostic port with 1 tool.  The iFlash for the Can-Am supports all Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU while the Polaris supports all ME17.9.74 and M17.8.7 ECUs.  Our system allows you to ID the software number via the OBDII port where you then find a matching original file from your database to make a tune from.  If you do not have original files, you can extract this in Boot Mode with the Frieling Racing iBoot.  Once you have some stock files, you can upgrade or downgrade firmwares easily.  Although we are not in the file providing service, we have no problem sharing original files that we may have available.  Once a tune is made, you can flash the file to the vehicle via the diagnostic port.  If you need to flash back to stock or update the file, simply write this again through the port.

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