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Frieling News

Frieling Racing has finished the iFlash system to allow for flashing the Canam Bosch ME17 ECU via the diagnostic port.  No more opening the ECU for bench flashing, waiting on a license or shop for down time.  The new Frieling Racing iFlash allows both the dealer and end user to easily flash their ECU between stock and tuned.  The iFlash requires you to ID the ECU to get the software number.  Once you have the software number, you can find a matching stock file to make your tune from or flash back to stock.  You can flash any stock or tuned file to the vehicle which includes upgrading or downgrading the firmware.  When you flash the ECU, the VIN is retained.  Flashing takes about 3 – 5 minutes which is tremendously faster than the competition!  Frieling Racing offers the 16 pin to 6 pin OBDII adapter cables as well.

For dealers interested in using this tool, you need the following:




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