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  • 2017 Frieling Racing Software Downloads Available

    All the new 2017 software downloads are available for dealers.  You can access these under Partner Access, than All Downloads.  These expire on 6/30/2017 where you will need to update again.  Same every year.  Expires on Dec 31 and June 1....

  • BMW F-Series ECU Flashing via OBDII Released

    Frieling Racing has just released the ability to flash all F-Series MEVD17 ECUs via the OBDII port.  You no longer have to patch or boot mode the ECU first.  To flash the ECU, you just need to make the tune of an original file.  Most......

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Do you provide tuning files?

Our business is designed to supply the hardware that allows you to read and write to vehicle Electronic Control Units.  We do have partners that provide file service and we can recommend one to you.

What happens if I chose the wrong ECU type?

In the event that you lock the cable to the wrong ECU type, we may be able to reset the cable for you depending on the situation.  This requires use of the XDevice Tool Kit.  This is purely on a case by case scenario.

Can I use the cable on more than one vehicle?

End user cables are locked to the VIN of the car.  One cable does one car.  We do not reset cables for this reason.  If you have a shop that wants to flash multiple cars, contact us for setting up a slave cable or shop cable.

I get errors trying to flash a vehicle?

Our protocols and hardware is extensively tested before released to the public.  If you have an error, we suggest you send us a screenshot to our email and include all relevant information to the car.  Many times errors can happen due to poor voltage, ECUs already being tuned, improperly assembled files, etc.

My software has an expiration date, how do I update it?

For security and updates, we release new software every 6 months.  This is typically done on June 1 and January 1.  Software updates can be downloaded from our Downloads page where you will need to compile the update for your private label use.

Will you be releasing flashing for new vehicles?

Our business is about selling hardware.  So the more cables we can sell, the better.  If there is an opportunity to create a protocol that we don’t have, and time is available, we will develop it.  Many newer vehicles have read encryption and the only way to flash these is in boot mode or having the original files.  Our protocols do not mean you can easily flash a vehicle if you do not have the correct information.

What's your return policy?

Our hardware and software is proven technology.  In the event there is a cable issue, we will connect to it with the XDevice to make a change as needed.  We do not offer a refund or return on hardware or software.

To what countries do you ship?

We ship worldwide to authorized billing/shipping addresses.  All shipments are done via Fedex from the USA or Isreal depending on the order type and quantity.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and Wire Transfers.  All orders except wire transfers can only be shipped to authorized billing and shipping addresses.  Payments are processed by Vivid Distributing LLC via Paypal or Credit Card.

My order has arrived, what do I do next?

Once you receive your order, you will want to visit the Downloads page with the provided password.  This gives you the ability to download the different applications your tool(s) are authorized for.  If you intend to private label the flash clients for end users, you will need to compile the exe file.


No problem.  We are people too and understand issues can arise.  Our normal support is available by email or phone.  We can make ourselves available if possible with a screen share.  If convenient, we may provide numbers to communicate via WhatsApp or Text Message.  We will always try to exceed expectations in supporting customers.