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Frieling News

The Frieling Racing iBoot is one of the best boot mode tools available for professional users.  Read and writing data faster than most competitors tools, it can also allow you to read the processor and eeprom files separately.  The UTV market has seen a tremendous boom and Frieling Racing has been right their supply end user tools to allow for writing tuned and stock files via the diagnostic port.  In some cases, boot mode is required to allow you to read the original file from versions you may not have a tune.  Boot mode can also be used to setup a brand new blank ECU or clone a customers ecu.  This process is very easy to do for the Polaris RZR as we have shown and now you can see how it works for the Rotax Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU.  The iBoot is used in-conjunction with a Master cable and required protocol.


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