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  • 2017 Frieling Racing Software Downloads Available

    All the new 2017 software downloads are available for dealers.  You can access these under Partner Access, than All Downloads.  These expire on 6/30/2017 where you will need to update again.  Same every year.  Expires on Dec 31 and June 1....

  • BMW F-Series ECU Flashing via OBDII Released

    Frieling Racing has just released the ability to flash all F-Series MEVD17 ECUs via the OBDII port.  You no longer have to patch or boot mode the ECU first.  To flash the ECU, you just need to make the tune of an original file.  Most......

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Frieling Racing Launches New iFlash for Mercedes

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Frieling Racing Launches New iFlash for Mercedes

We have just launched our new Mercedes iFlash which covers the ME9 Mercedes C63 AMG.  The very popular C63 AMG model features a V8 engine making nearly 500 horsepower stock!  The iFlash has been tested to work with the cars that output a 1mb file which is the first generation of the C63.

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