How It Works

Frieling Racing tools are designed for Professional Tuners with extreme simplicity for End Users.  To help understand how the Frieling Racing systems work, we have included videos, instructions, and other helpful tips.  Please click on a section to learn more.

Frieling iBoot

The Frieling Racing iBoot is a very sophisticated tool designed for programming in boot mode when necessory.  This includes basic reading and writing of the processor and eeprom or even using it to unlock or clone a ECU.  Here you can view some of our tutorial videos about how iBoot works.


Frieling OBDII iFlash

The Frieling Racing iFlash is what is used to program vehicles through the diagnostic port.  Though the concept is the same for all vehicles, certain vehicles for END USERS require a slightly different process where an ID only is necessary.


Frieling iCrypt

The Frieling Racing iCrypt is used with the Master cable to encrypt and decrypt End User and Slave device files.  The iCrypt can lock files to VINs, disable checksum calculation, and for an optional purchase can prevent others from reading.  Learn more below.


xDevice Tool Kit

The xDevice tool kit is needed to update or add licenses to master and slave cables.  This is also used to perform resets on End User cables when required.


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