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How It Works

Frieling Racing / How It Works

The most popular and convenient form of ECU tuning is through the OBDII port.  To understand how the iFlash works, we have included a general instruction document here for the process of reading and writing.  Also included is how you would decrypt the file for tuning.  Click any photo to see the larger size.  If you have any questions about the process, please contact us.

Step 1

step1-iflashSave the executable file that is provided to use the iFlash. Double click the exe file to install the flash client to your computer and follow the prompts until it says completed.  Once the installation is completed, you will then see an icon on your desktop.

Step 2

step2-iflashWith the cable plugged into your laptop and into your OBDII port, turn your vehicle to the on position without starting it so all the lights are on your dash.  Then double click the application icon to launch the program.  It will bring up a disclaimer to Agree to, click this button.  Then it brings up a intro screen and click on NEXT.  It will begin connecting and identifying your computer.

Step 3

step3-iflashThe next screen will begin the connection process to your ECU.

Step 4

step4-iflashThe flash client has now connected to your vehicles ECU and has identified your VIN and ECU type.  If the ECU is not automatically recognized, select your ECU from the dropdown and then proceed.  If you are not sure which ECU you have, please contact us.  If you select the wrong ECU type and lock it to the cable, the cable will need to be reset or replaced.

You will then press NEXT where you will have options to Read ECU Memory, Program ECU Memory, Restore ECU Memory, or Diagnostics.  Click on to Read ECU Memory.  Being curious and clicking other things might get you in trouble so follow the steps listed.  You can click on Diagnostics and see if you have an Check Engine Lights before you do the flash and clear these codes.

Step 5

When you click Read ECU Memory, it will ask you if you want to read just the Data Area or the Full Program.  Some cars can only program the data area and some you have to read out the full file.

Step 6

step6-iflashIt will now ask you where you want to save your read out on your computer.  You can save this ANYWHERE you want, just remember where.  After you click save, it will start the read out process.  Note:  During reading and writing, the fans may turn on for some cars (mainly Porsche).  Please make sure you have a battery charger to prevent power draw.  

Step 7

When the reading process is complete, it will show a successful message and ask if you want to view the folder where the file was saved or not.  You can click yes and email the file right away or click no and email it once you close the program.

Step 8

step8-iflashOnce you receive the file from your customer, you will use the iFlash Crypt to decrypt the file for tuning.  Once the file is decrypted, it will be shown as “”.  After the tuning is completed, you will need to encrypt the file to send back to the customer.  Tuned files will be shown as “filename.mod”.  Certain ECU types you may need to complete the checksum in your tuning software and select to NOT calculate checksums upon encryption.  Most you can have the iFlash Crypt calculate the checksums.

Step 9

When you receive the tuned file, save it to your computer in the same folder as your original file or somewhere you can remember where it is.  Launch the iFlash Client and follow Steps 1 through 4.  This time you will click on the button to Program ECU Memory. The file is labeled with the extension of .mod. If you are flashing back to the original file, choose the “Recovery ECU Memory” and select your saved .org file.  Make sure you have your computer plugged in and your car on a battery charger or battery tender.

***Important note after you flash – After you have received your tuned file and loaded to your vehicle, if you have had your vehicle serviced and the firmware updated during this time, whether you are aware or not, DO NOT flash your car again.  Doing this will corrupt the ECU because of the mismatching firmware.  Your vehicle will not start and you may have to have your ECU repaired or replaced.  If the firmware was changed, do a new stock read out and get an updated tuned file.

Step 10

step10-iflashSelect your file from the folder where you saved it on your computer by double clicking it.  The writing process will start.

Step 11

step11-iflashThe write process will take about the same amount of time as the read process.  Just make sure nothing interupts it.  You will watch the programming memory bar go across.

Step 12

step12-iflashThe final step will come and tell you to turn the car off.  So switch the ignition off and leave the key in.  The green bar will go from full to empty and then give you a successfully programmed window.

Step 13

step13-iflashClose the flash client, unplug the OBDII cable, remove your key, reinsert, and then start your car.  For some cars you may have to use the Diagnostic function to clear check engine lights or do a throttle body adaptation.  Once this is finished, you are done.