How to Use the Frieling Racing xDevice Tool Kit

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Step 1:  To use the xDevice tool kit, you first must download and install the xDevice Tool Kit Here.

Step 2: Plug your cable into your USB port of your computer with the cable attached and launch the xDevice Tool Kit.  Once Launched click on the Refresh List button.


Step 3: Your cable will now appear in the list and you need to double click on that cable name.  A loading bar will come up and your cable information is now loaded.



Note: If you want to view your current licenses, click on the license tab. If this is an End User cable and you want to see if the cable has been used or locked to a VIN, click on, End User.

Step 4: Now click on the bottom tab that says “Click Here for xDevice Configuration and reference Numbers!!!


Step 5: A box will now popup and you simply click the button to COPY.  A note will say these have been saved to your computer so you can now paste them.  Email your contact with the reference numbers and of course WHY you are sending them.


Step 6:  When you receive your license string back, you need to paste it in this box here and simply hit Execute.


Step 7: The license string has been applied.  You can now click one of the tabs to see what was added or reset.  Then you may proceed with using your cable.

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