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Frieling News

The 2012-2015 Audi R8 features the Bosch MED9.1.2 ECUs which have always needed to be flashed on the bench.  Now Frieling has changed that with the ability to flash these through the OBDII port with their VAG iFlash client.  Using the Master tool or sending your customers anywhere in the world an End User tool, the ECU can be read and written without being inconvenienced to remove the ECUs.  When flashing the R8 MED 9.1.2 ECUs, you must select FORCE Programming of Slave ECU and FORCE WRITE.  The ECU will write about 50% and fail giving you an error.  When you see the error.  DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.  Hit OK, click program ECU Memory, and select the file again.  When it fails its switching between the first ECU and the Second in the car.  If it fails again, repeat the process and hit Program ECU Memory.

If interested in this protocol or flashing tool, please contact us!



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