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The Polaris iFlash works with all Bosch M17 and ME17 ECU.  You can flash ECU’s directly through the front of the ECU without opening it, or using the diagnostic port like we have showed in several videos below.  However some Polaris such as the Ranger and RZR 800/900 utilize a different power signal on the diagnostic port line than our cable and adapter has been made for.  If you get an error that says “…Voltage to low…” and you have already checked that the vehicle is on or have restarted the program, this is what we advise to do.

Try to cut out the wire that goes to pin ‘B’.  This will give direct power so you can flash through the diagnostic port if needed.  Refer to one of the 2 diagrams below.

  • ‘A’ <> pin 16 power
  • ‘B’ <>
  • ‘C’ <> pin 7 kline
  • ‘D’ <> pin 4 + 5 ground
  • ‘E’ <>
  • ‘F’ <>
  • ‘G’ <> pin 14 can lo
  • ‘H’ <> pin 6 can hi

Rush_10-DiagCkt Rzr800_08-DiagCircuit

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