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  • 2017 Frieling Racing Software Downloads Available

    All the new 2017 software downloads are available for dealers.  You can access these under Partner Access, than All Downloads.  These expire on 6/30/2017 where you will need to update again.  Same every year.  Expires on Dec 31 and June 1....

  • BMW F-Series ECU Flashing via OBDII Released

    Frieling Racing has just released the ability to flash all F-Series MEVD17 ECUs via the OBDII port.  You no longer have to patch or boot mode the ECU first.  To flash the ECU, you just need to make the tune of an original file.  Most......

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iFlash VAG

The iFlash for VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) covers many platforms.  Its very simple to use, select the ECU type, and do the reading and writing process.  The VW ECU's cover a large assortment of platforms such as the Golf, GTI, Touareg, Passat, and Jetta. ...

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iFlash Porsche

The Porsche iFlash covers so many different vehicles including the 996 and 997 cars.  We have the ability to read out the full file or calibration only on the SDI3 and SDI4 ECU's. ...

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iFlash BMW

The BMW iFlash is easily read and written for many different protocols.  Some BMW ECU allow you to read the full ECU or just the calibration data. ...

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BMW Tuning

The BMW iFlash can cover many different platforms from the E36 up to the F Series.  Not all BMW tuning is M cars and many other platforms can be done as well.  This includes cars like the X5, 335I, 135I, 330, 328, 535, and more. ...

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Diesel Tuning

The iFlash and iBoot cover many diesel applications.  The ECU in diesel models are typically different than the gasoline.  Most VAG and BMW diesel protocols are covered. ...

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Mercedes Tuning

One of the newest iFlash systems is for the Mercedes C63 ME9 ECU.  The 6.028L V8 AMG engine is a perfect candidate for tuning.  The iFlash handles the read and writing with ease of this ECU. ...

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Audi Tuning

The VAG iFlash works for most Audi vehicles up to 2011.  One of those is the very popular Audi R8.  The highly sought after Audi R8 V10 ECU can be flashed through the OBDII port from 2009-2011.  Later models require the ECU to be bench...

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BMW M Tuning

BMW is one of the flagship products of our iFlash suite.  Our BMW protocols cover almost all cars from the E36 up to the F-Series.  The F-Series requires a password to be unlocked and patched so it must be read out on the bench first....

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Volkswagen Tuning

Our VAG iFlash covers all the Volkswagen Audi Group cars.  The Volkswagen 2.0T platform found in the Golf and GTI is covered through the MK6 with the iFlash OBDII tool.  The wide variety of VAG protocols allows us to offer reading and writing to one...

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