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  • 2017 Frieling Racing Software Downloads Available

    All the new 2017 software downloads are available for dealers.  You can access these under Partner Access, than All Downloads.  These expire on 6/30/2017 where you will need to update again.  Same every year.  Expires on Dec 31 and June 1....

  • BMW F-Series ECU Flashing via OBDII Released

    Frieling Racing has just released the ability to flash all F-Series MEVD17 ECUs via the OBDII port.  You no longer have to patch or boot mode the ECU first.  To flash the ECU, you just need to make the tune of an original file.  Most......

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Frieling Racing DSG ECU Clone Program


Frieling Racing DSG ECU Clone Program



Frieling Racing DSG Clone Program is a plugin designed to work with your Master Cable.  Similar to how you encrypt and decrypt files for your Slave or End User cables, this will allow you to prevent any other tool from reading your files via OBDII. This tool will allow you to clone all DQ250 except the Cxx, all DQ200 including MQB Gen 1 and Gen 2, DQ400, DL501 Gen 1 and Gen 2.  To use this tool you will need to have a OBDII to DSG device to read and write the module on the bench.

  • Price is for the tool and does not include the master.
  • Works in-conjunction with your current Protocol Licenses of your Master Cable and iCrypt.
  • Once you purchase this program, you will need to use the XDevice Manager in our Downloads section to send us your Reference Numbers.  Once this is done, we can generate a specific license to activate the functionality and send you the download.
  • Purchase of this program without having a Master iFlash cable will not give you any functionality.
  • These tool cannot be used with the older SPI Wizard.
  • This is a digital purchase and nothing is shipped.


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