Frieling Racing Master OBDII Cable

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Frieling Racing master cables allow you to decrypt and encrypt iFlash files read out through the OBDII port.



The Frieling Racing master cable is used to encrypt and decrypt files connected to the end user cable.  When a file is received from a end user cable, you must decrypt it to open the file in a tuning software such as WinOLS or other binary editing software.  Once the file is changed, to flash it back to the vehicle, you must then encrypt it for the iFlash to right.  The Master cable will do the checksums on files or you have the option to not calculate checksums if required.

When you purchase the Master, you can:

  • Use the iFlash Crypt software to decrypt and encrypt iFlash files.
  • The Master is not an unlimited flashing cable.  To use this cable to flash multiple vehicles, you must purchase the protocols by family to do so.
  • The Master can also be used for the iBoot bench flash software if a license is purchased.
  • Master cables are coded with Frieling Racing America master and end user cables.
  • You can purchase end user cables 1 at a time or in quantity.
  • To get your own encryption, you must purchase a minimum of 100 end user cables.

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Additional information

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